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  • I know mine to the last ounce, and so will you very shortly!

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  • The Duchess searched his face for a look of irony, but there was none.
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  • She had never really been able to enjoy Christian at first without thinking of her. Vok moved as quickly as he could manage, picking his way through the ancient tunnels, doubling back when the way was blocked, following the voice that filled his soul.
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  • And, Picard concluded, they no longer protest our proposed search of Vulcan. Almost willy-nilly, they'd made him into their leader, though becoming one had been the last thing in his mind.
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    Welcome to the 2013 Tim's Squares.

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  • Welcome to the new year of Tim's Squares. I wish all the best for everyone in 2013, I know for me (Roy), it will be a lot better. Make sure you sign in so you can see the grid.

      Good Luck.

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  • All of the candidates for president were in and out, and it was a unique opportunity to see those who were running closeup and without the nearly regal trappings bf authority that might later surround any one of them. I want you to tell me about that, Mildred said seriously.

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